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Improved physical properties of PET film

by:Skypro     2021-04-13
Physically improve the properties of PET. The improvement method has nothing to do with chemical reactions. It is to improve the properties of PET film by adding some nano or polymer materials to the material, such as anti-ultraviolet performance, heat resistance and barrier properties. For example, the transparent and good quality specifications of polycarbonate and PET materials are melted with each other. Because the polycarbonate has relatively similar end groups, it is easier to melt, and the two blends better, and the two After the integration of the two can not only improve the transparency of the PET film, but also improve its processing performance.

By studying the surface, adding PA66 to the PET material can make the composite material have a higher temperature resistance, and it can still maintain the equivalent after baking at a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes Toughness is also an important way for the composite of PET materials and nanomaterials, which improves the transparency, mechanical properties and antistatic properties of PET films. It is also hoped that the properties of PET films can play a role in the field of electronic packaging.

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