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How to paste PE protective film to achieve the best effect

by:Skypro     2021-04-06
The use of PE protective film is the same as ordinary tape, which is convenient and quick. However, the length and width of the protective film are constantly increasing, so the scope of use has become narrower and narrower, but the amount of use has become larger and larger. In the process of using PE protective film, in order to be able to make it perfectly overlap with the product, and there will be no bubbles waving around after the product is pasted, it is still difficult for many small businesses with low technology, in order to be able to To make the PE protective film as perfect as possible, several steps are summarized:

1. Prepare a relatively spacious place, clean and dust-free or free of pollutants

2. In the work to be done Place double-sided tape around the area

3. With the adhesive side facing down, unfold a small piece of PE protective film. Make sure it does not wrinkle during the unfolding process, and fit the loose end to one of the double-sided tapes evenly.

4. Roll up the film and stick it on, the length should exceed the length of the double-sided tape

5. Use a utility knife to cut off the film of the protective sheet

6. Put a piece of material into it One edge is placed on one end of the PE protective film

7. Slowly put the product on the adhesive film

8. Apply pressure to them along the edge to ensure a firm bond

9. A utility knife cuts off part of the outline on the PET protective film

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