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How to extend the service life of belt conveyor

by:Skypro     2021-04-05

With the widespread use of belt conveyors, some customers think that the service life is short during the long-term use of the belt conveyor, so how should we improve the service life of the belt conveyor? Next, I will give you a brief introduction.

1. Add a scraping device in the reversing roller: we can install a scraping device at the reversing roller along the conveyor belt, which can reduce the problem of material adhesion at the reversing roller. So as to solve the local damage of the conveyor belt caused by rolling and sticky materials;

2. The head, tail and intermediate transfer transition of the belt conveyor can be used for improvement: these places have an impact on the service life of the conveyor belt. It is very large, so we have to perform transitional injection to reduce the wear of the conveyor belt as much as possible to ensure that the conveyor belt is folded and the middle bulge appears.

3. Improve the falling hopper of the conveyor belt: an effective measure to improve the falling hopper type of the conveyor belt to prevent the early damage of the conveyor belt.

4. Partial damage repair of the conveyor belt can also extend the service life of the belt conveyor

(1) Partial cold drawing

(2) Partial hot vulcanization

(3) Partial cold sticking

These three Both methods can perform local repair on the conveyor belt.

5. Choose a reasonable belt type and maintenance: Choose a reasonable belt conveyor type. We can strengthen the maintenance in winter according to the seasonal changes and adjust the deviation correction device along the line to extend the belt conveyor's maintenance. Service life.

6. Adjustment of the direction of the material flow: The direction of the material flow also has a very important impact on the service life of the conveyor belt. We should make the material flow run in the same direction as the conveyor belt, so that it can Greatly improve the service life of the belt conveyor.

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