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How to achieve the dustproof requirements of the conveyor

by:Skypro     2021-04-02

   Conveyor belt dustproof requirements: Conveyor systems have higher dustproof requirements. Therefore, watering and dust collection equipment is installed at each transfer point. For the operators and maintenance personnel working in the entire system, they must not only base themselves on the single machine they share, but also understand the relationship between the systems. A single machine is composed of multiple components. As long as the daily protection and maintenance of each component is done, the safe operation of the equipment is guaranteed and it is in good working condition.

The planning of    belt conveyor belt is based on: preliminary confirmation of the operating speed of the conveyor according to the transportation volume and the nature of the material, selecting high belt speed, reducing the bandwidth, preliminary confirmation of the transportation mechanism and structure and parameters, and calculating the power The selection of the importance level is the prerequisite for the operation of the transportation machinery. The fundamental planning basis is to confirm the main standards and requirements under the premise of ensuring that the transportation machinery is satisfied.

The importance of   conveyor hydraulic active tensioning equipment

  The belt conveyor belt is composed of various parts and components. During the period, it is often connected by mechanical means such as threads and pins. Removable, once the parts are damaged, it is convenient for replacement, reuse of parts and recycling of materials. Therefore, studying the disassembly plan of the belt conveyor is of great significance to reduce operating and production costs and protect the environment.

What is the maintenance and operation instructions of    conveyor belt?

   1. During transportation and storage, the conveyor belt should be kept clean and avoid direct sunlight or immersion , Avoid contact with acids, oils and other substances. The nylon conveyor belt should be 1 meter away from the heating equipment.

  2. Conveyor belts of different standard layers and different types should not be used together, and the joints are best to be glued.

   3. During the storage process, the product should be placed in a roll and not folded. During storage, the product should be flipped quarterly.

  4. The feeding direction should follow the running direction of the belt to reduce the material falling interval; the belt receiving section should shorten the distance between the rollers and buffer the lifting rollers for leakage and scrape the belt surface of the conveyor belt.

  5. According to the planning requirements of the conveyor, reasonably select the connection between the diameter of the transmission drum and the cloth layer of the conveyor belt, the matching of the reversing drum and the groove angle of the idler.

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