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High quality standard for PET reticulated protective film

by:Skypro     2021-04-14
As a protective film, PET reticulated protective film is welcomed by many manufacturers, but in the face of uneven products on the market, how should manufacturers choose a suitable high-quality protective film? Focusing on the production of PET textured protective film for 20 years, custom protective film manufacturers tell you how to choose high-quality PET textured protective film.

One, will not degummed. When peeling off, the surface layer does not leave glue and imprints, and maintains the color and appearance of the product.

Two, excellent compressive strength and ductility, otherwise the protective film will be destroyed, and the processed products can be destroyed.

Three, the color and specifications of the protective film can be customized according to customer standards. The unit of length is meters, which can be customized according to customer standards.

Fourth, moderate viscosity means that it can not only adhere firmly to the main body of laminated glass for maintenance, but also can be smoothly removed after the production and processing is completed to prevent increased ductility, damage and Common faults caused by tearing.

Fifth, the protective film is heat-resistant. Protective films are widely used as food packaging materials and protective films, and are also common in daily life. In traditional packaging, the general food industry and the pharmaceutical industry use a large amount of packaging, which has caused a lot of air pollution in the past. In daily life, most foods are packaged and stored in protective films. The protective film is usually at ultra-low temperature and high temperature.

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