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Do you know several common conveyor belts?

by:Skypro     2021-04-05

  一、 Nylon conveyor belt: It is made of multiple layers of nylon canvas glued together in a certain way, covering the top and bottom with strong, elastic and wear-resistant rubber. Used to transport small and medium block/granular/powder objects, suitable for high-speed, medium- and long-distance transportation with high impact resistance.

   Varieties: According to the performance of covering rubber, it can be divided into general purpose type and wear-resistant type/flame retardant type. Nylon core conveyor belt has the characteristics of thin belt body, high strength, high force, impact resistance, good performance, high interlayer adhesion strength, excellent flexibility and service life, 1 life and 1 long. It is suitable for medium and long distances and high Conveying materials under high-speed conditions.

   Compared with nylon conveyor belts, ordinary cotton core conveyor belts have the advantages of light weight, good groove forming, impact resistance, high strength, and good elasticity. It can effectively reduce the transmission span, long distance, The cost of delivery, to achieve high-speed delivery.

  2. Ordinary conveyor belt

  1. It is made of dimensional cotton interwoven impregnated canvas (VC) or all 1 cotton canvas (CC) through molding, vulcanization, calendering and other processes. .

  2. The product is suitable for conveying non-corrosive and non-spike-free granular, powder, and massive materials, such as sand, coke, cement, coal, etc. at room temperature Pieces or bulk (material) items.

  3. This product can be divided into different structures such as middle ladder type, side ladder type, open side type, and edge-wrapped type.

  3. Acid and alkali resistant conveyor belt

   is suitable for working environments where sea water is exposed to salt, coated glue, phosphate fertilizer, etc., which are in contact with acid and alkali. It is made of rubber-plastic mixture, filled with acid and alkali resistant inert materials. It has better performance than neoprene acid and alkali resistant conveyor. The extreme pressure canvas is used as the skeleton material, which is more reliable than the cotton canvas core belt in acid and alkali resistance.

   Polyester (EP) Conveyor Belt Polyester conveyor belt is made of multilayer polyester (or warp direction polyester, weft direction is polyurethane) canvas glued together in a fixed way, up and down The covering rubber has high strength, good elasticity and wear-resistant rubber.

   is used to transport small and medium block/granular/powder materials. It is suitable for conveying materials under medium and long distance, high load and high speed.

   Varieties: According to the performance of the cover rubber, it can be divided into general-purpose strong scratch type/strong wear type/general type/acid and alkali resistant type/flammable type. EP conveyor has the advantages of no reduction in wet strength, small body length, and many advantages of nylon conveyor belts. This is particularly important for humid working environments and long-distance transportation.

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