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Correct use method of turning belt conveyor

by:Skypro     2021-04-13

The turning belt conveyor mainly adopts the principle of curved route design, which can make the conveyed products run according to the designed curve. Next, let's briefly introduce the correct use of the turning belt conveyor.

1. After closing the main power switch, check whether it is normal.

2. After closing the power switch of each circuit, the operation indicator of the belt conveyor does not light up, but the power supply of the inverter and other equipment indicates the amount of power, the display panel of the inverter will display normal, and the display panel of the inverter will display normal. After an electrical device is started normally, the next electrical device is started.

3. You can also start the electrical equipment once according to the process flow, we are starting the equipment It is to comply with the regulations on the design of the conveyed articles. In the operation of the belt conveyor, the design regulations of the belt conveyor must also be specified. At the same time, we must also pay attention to some workers not to touch the moving parts of the belt conveyor.

4. Here is a small editor to remind everyone that non-professional personnel should not touch electrical components and control buttons at will, and at the same time, the inverter cannot be disconnected during the operation of the belt conveyor.

5. If the belt conveyor fails and needs to be repaired, we must stop the frequency conversion before repairing, otherwise the frequency converter will be damaged. For the belt conveyor, we will You should stop pressing the button and wait for the system to stop before you can cut off the main power supply.

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