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Conveyor belt tear prevention measures

by:Skypro     2021-04-03

   The following measures are mainly to prevent the conveyor belt from tearing:

   (1) Strengthen control from the source of the material, reduce the threat of foreign objects and bulk materials to the conveyor belt, and clean up For bulk materials, add impurity removal equipment.

   (2) Strengthen inspections, ensure that problems are discovered and dealt with in a timely manner, and the inspection frequency of post inspections and professional spot inspections will be increased.

   (3) Improve the conveyor structure, fine materials fall before bulk materials, etc., to reduce impact, reduce material speed, reduce the possibility of impurities inserted into the conveyor belt, and increase buffering by reducing the drop of the material Bezel.

   (4) When the conveyor belt is torn, it will be detected as soon as possible in the shortest possible time to minimize the length of the tear and reduce the loss; additional tear detection device, send out an alarm signal and shut down. However, the tearing of the conveyor belt cannot be completely avoided at present, because the tearing of the belt is caused by a variety of factors. The detection device currently used is composed of a sensor and a controller, and is generally located at the blanking point. It is mainly used by the conveyor belt anti-tear device and the detection device. Sundries penetrating the conveyor belt or materials squeeze the sensor, when the sundries tear the conveyor belt. When the controller sends out an alarm signal and shuts down, the sensor will send a signal to the controller. The controller is installed on the side of the machine or in the room, and the sensor is installed under the conveyor belt or beside the chute.

   (5) uses a tear-resistant conveyor belt. The transverse reinforcement is added to the belt body as the anti-tear layer, and the anti-tear conveyor belt uses steel wire rope as the longitudinal frame material. The structure of the anti-tear layer is divided into two types: one is the use of transverse rope (steel wire or chemical fiber rope); the other is the use of glued mesh (steel mesh or chemical fiber mesh). The covering layer is made of rubber with high elasticity, good abrasion resistance and high strength.

  (6) The conveyor belt adopts detectable tearing. The detector is installed on the easily cracked part of the belt conveyor, a sensor with a closed coil is added to the conveyor belt, and the detector is connected to the controller. The sensor passes through the detector, and the detector emits pulses when the conveyor belt is running normally. When the sensor passes the detector, the detector stops emitting pulses and cuts off the sensor coil. After the controller receives it, it sends out an alarm signal and stops, which is when the conveyor belt is torn.

   (7) Measures to prevent conveyor belt tearing start with management.

  Through the above analysis, strengthen equipment management and strengthen material quality control. The anti-tearing of the conveyor belt should first be controlled manually from the management point of view; in addition, from the technical point of view, the following measures can also be taken :

   Any abnormal operation is strictly prohibited to ensure the reliability of various protections. Reduce breakdowns and malfunctions, and strengthen daily maintenance.

   improves the abrasion resistance of the top cover rubber, and puts forward higher technical requirements for the quality of the conveyor belt.

  Belt tear record is introduced into computer management and the detection effect of belt tear detection device.

   Seeking truth from facts and analyzing long-term tracking records, establishing conveyor belt testing methods and systems, comparing costs and benefits, etc., and drawing correct conclusions.

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