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Conveyor belt processing method

by:Skypro     2021-04-05

   Ordinary conveyors have great limitations. They are generally only suitable for the transportation of conventional products. In order to create exclusive conveyor belt products, to meet the needs of more customers and improve production efficiency, conveyor belt manufacturers will convey The belt is designed for processing. Among the more common processing methods are material conveyor belt punching and adding guide bars, then what are the main functions of these processing?

The commonly used function of punching material conveyor belt:

   One, suction function: the equipment can better absorb the product when conveying, and the material conveyor belt can be punched so that the product is only It's not easy to fall off.

  Second, the function of the installation accessories: when installing the fixture, the screw is installed, and the counterbore and through-hole are punched on the material conveyor belt. Reliable too! In this way, the fixture can be installed without affecting the use of the belt.

   3. Drainage function: punch through holes on the material conveyor belt, so you don’t have to worry about drainage anymore! The conveying occasion of the cleaning product allows the water on the belt to flow away.

   Fourth, precise positioning function: can be used as a function of precise transmission or installation of accessories, precise positioning holes on the material conveyor belt, along the horizontal or vertical direction.

What is the role of    material conveyor belt plus guide bar?

   The conveyor belt guide strip has the function of fixing the conveying articles. In addition, the main reason for adding the guide strip is to prevent the machine from deviating during the operation, and to prevent the conveyor belt from deviating, just like the train wheel and rail. There are extra pieces of iron on the inside. To meet the quality requirements of different grades in the general industrial industry and food packaging industry, the color of the guide bar is green (commonly used) and white, etc. The main materials used are: PVC, PU, u200bu200bPE, etc.

  The cross section of the guide strip of the material conveyor belt is isosceles trapezoid. When the guide strip is added to the contact surface of the conveyor belt, the effect is to make the conveyor belt run accurately. Common specifications are: 6*4, 10*6, 13*8, 17*11 (in mm), the indication of specifications means 6*4 as an example, which means 6mm wide and 4mm thick. Prevent it from running off after a long time, so as to protect the long-term use of the conveyor belt. The main thing is to prevent the material from rolling, when the guide bar is added to the loading surface of the conveyor belt.

   The above is about the role of adding guide bars, the introduction of perforating material conveyor belt, I believe you will also understand it more clearly. Focus on industrial belts, many years of industry experience, mature processing technology, and good at special processing. Whether the belts are domestic or imported, they are deeply loved by consumers. New and old customers are welcome to inquire and customize.

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