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Conveyor belt introduction

by:Skypro     2021-04-03

   conveyor belts and belt conveyors are generally used in agriculture, mining enterprises and transportation of various solid blocks and granular raw materials or finished products. The conveyor belt is sustainable, efficient, and large inclination transportation, and the conveyor belt is safe and transportable. The belt is simple, easy to maintain, low in cost, can shorten the distance, reduce the project budget, and save investment. So what does the conveyor belt look like? Let me introduce it to you!

   conveyor belt, also known as conveyor belt, is a composite product of vulcanized rubber, chemical fiber, metal material, or composite product of plastic and textile, used to convey weight and raw materials. Conveyor belts are generally used in manufacturing industries such as concrete, coking plants, chemical plants, iron and steel, metallurgical industry, mining, etc., where the conveying distance is short and the gas supply is low.

  Product category

  1. According to the main purpose of the conveyor belt application, it can be divided into: oil resistance, ground non-slip, uphill, anti-strong acid and alkali transportation, heat insulation, antifreeze, flame retardant, resistant Corrosion, waterproof, ultra-low temperature, high temperature, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, cold resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and flame retardant conveyor belts.

  2. Conveyor belts can be divided into steel cord core conveyor belts, layered fabric core conveyor belts and integral belt core flame retardant conveyor belts according to the core material. Among them, the integral core flame-retardant conveyor belt is divided into PVC whole-core flame-retardant conveyor belt and PVG whole-core flame-retardant conveyor belt; the layered fabric core conveyor belt is divided into cotton canvas conveyor belt, nylon canvas conveyor belt and polyester canvas Conveyor belts; steel cord conveyor belts can be divided into ordinary type, flame-retardant type for coal mines, and tear-proof type.

  3. According to the main performance, it is divided into: flat graphics, rib shape, baffle type, column tube type, and grain shape.

  Production process: super strong overall belt core

  The overall belt core of the coal mine conveyor belt is manufactured according to my country's coal enterprise specification MT317-2002, and polyester cloth or polyester is used in the weft direction. Fiber fabric and pure cotton yarn blended fabric, the weft endurance line is made of polyester chemical fiber with high tenacity and good tensile deformation properties. Improved the resilience, impact resistance, surface viscose coordination, and abrasion resistance of the tape, and it is beneficial to improve the compressive strength of the connector and increase the service life of the flame-retardant belt body and the connector; the finished product belt body is light, Good troughability, energy saving and emission reduction.

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