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Conveying debugging method of turning conveyor

by:Skypro     2021-04-04

In the daily work of underground belt conveyors of modern coal mining enterprises, the frequency of abnormal noise is very high, and it often occurs between the transmission device and the transmission roller. The noise in this area is usually very small, so people tend to ignore its noise problem. Therefore, when inspecting the belt machine, the relevant personnel should pay special attention to this problem. If there is a loud noise from the bearing seat, the belt machine should be checked immediately to effectively avoid more serious problems with the belt machine. Not only that, but the belt conveyor often has noise at the two shafts of the coupling. The main reason for this problem is that the high-speed end of the transmission mechanism is simultaneously issued by the two couplings of the reducer and the motor during normal use. But this kind of noise is often accompanied by strong motor rotation vibration, and in-depth inspection must be carried out in the first time. Next, we will introduce the conveying debugging method of the turntable belt conveyor.

After the equipment is installed, carefully debug the conveyor belt to meet the requirements of the drawings.

Each reducer and moving parts are filled with corresponding lubricating oil.

After the conveyor is installed to meet the requirements, each single piece of equipment will be manually tested and debugged to meet the requirements of the action.

Debug the electrical part of the conveyor belt. Specifically, it includes the commissioning and testing of conventional electrical equipment wiring and actions, so that the equipment has excellent functionality and realizes the estimated functionality and status.

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