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Classification, material and shape of conveyor belt support feet

by:Skypro     2021-04-06

   During the operation of the belt conveyor, level and stability are required. Therefore, the editor understands that in addition to strictly considering the stability of the ground on the production site, the conveyor belt feet play an important role in adjusting the stability of the conveyor and ensuring the level.

The classification of    conveyor belt support feet: Conveyor feet can be divided into single-leg anti-vibration type, single-leg joint type, and anti-vibration type, which belong to the thicker type. This kind of foot has a good cushioning effect on the pressure brought by the transmission.

   joint type conveyor belt anchoring adjustment anchor height position is at the base of the foot, adjust up and down with bolts.

  The material of the supporting feet of the conveyor belt

   The feet of the multi-foot conveyor belt and the feet of the single-foot conveyor belt have their own applications, and they have different effects on the stable operation of the conveyor. Important role. In addition to single-leg shock-proof articulated conveyor feet, two-leg and three-leg conveyor feet are also commonly used.

   According to different working conditions, reinforced nylon, carbon steel, stainless steel, or engineering plastics can be used, all of which are different due to the shape of the production line and the environment of the plant .

The shape of the support foot of the conveyor belt

The shape of the support foot of the conveyor belt is determined by the shape, stress and nature of the production line. The other feet have different designs. . All of these will be specifically coordinated by the design experts of the entire production line in terms of bearing capacity, centripetal force, centrifugal force and positive traction. There is no mainstream or fixed form.

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