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Characteristics of conveyor belt

by:Skypro     2021-04-06

   Heat-resistant conveyor belt: It is mainly used for conveying high-temperature materials, such as sintered ore, hot coke, cement clinker, hot castings, etc. It has little other effect. It is a heat-resistant conveyor belt. According to different heat resistance grades and the main performance of heat-resistant belt damage or even loss of conveying capacity, EPDM rubber or styrene butadiene rubber is used as the covering rubber, and high-strength, high-permeability cotton canvas or polyester canvas is used as the strength layer. Heat-resistant glass cloth can be added between the framework layer and the cover rubber to increase the service life of the heat-resistant zone. According to user requirements, it can be made into endless belt. Let's take a look with the editor of Zhongluo!

  Oil-resistant conveyor belt: The main material of the oil-resistant conveyor belt cover rubber is nitrile rubber with high acrylonitrile content, and EP canvas, nylon canvas or cotton canvas as the strong layer. It is suitable for use in the environment of transporting oily materials (except solvent oil or fuel oil) in contact with various working oils. It has the advantages of wide application range, high strength retention rate, and low volume change rate.

  Polyester (EP) conveyor belt: Polyester conveyor belt is made of multilayer polyester (or warp direction polyester, weft direction is polyurethane) canvas glued together in a certain way, covering up and down The rubber has high strength, good elasticity and wear-resistant rubber. Used for conveying small and medium lumps/granules/powders and other materials. It is suitable for conveying materials under medium and long distance, high load and high speed.

   Varieties: According to the performance of the cover rubber, it can be divided into general purpose strong wear type / strong scratch type / general type / flame retardant type / acid and alkali resistant type. EP conveyor belt has The unique advantages of small body length and no reduction in wet strength, as well as many advantages of nylon conveyor belts. This is particularly important for long-distance wet and conveying working conditions.

   Whole core flame-retardant conveyor belt: The whole core flame-retardant conveyor belt is made of the whole belt core by polyvinyl chloride impregnated paste impregnated vulcanized or plasticized, which has transportation balance, large capacity and strength Large and other characteristics, the product also has good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, flame retardant, antistatic performance and other properties. This product is mainly suitable for material transportation in metallurgy and chemical industries, and can also be used for underground transportation in coal mines.

   can be divided into PVG type and PVC type is the whole core flame retardant conveyor belt. The upper and lower covering layers of PVG type are both PVC and nitrile rubber, and the thickness of one side is 1.5mm to 4.5mm. The upper and lower covering layers of the PVC type are PVC covering glue, and the single-sided glue is greater than or equal to 0.8mm. The conveyor angle of PVC conveyor belt is less than 16O, and the conveyor angle of PVG conveyor belt is less than 20O, which can be used for coal mine transportation. Mainly used for coal mine transportation is a full-core flame-retardant conveyor belt.

  The characteristics of the belt: tear resistance, impact resistance, small elongation, and no delamination of the belt body.

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