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Application of PET silicone protective film on window film

by:Skypro     2021-04-12
Window film refers to attaching a functional PET silica gel protective film to the glass. Window film is mainly used in the construction industry, automobile industry and many glass industries. In the construction industry, window films are mainly used for heat insulation, energy saving, and UV protection. In application, the thickness of the window film is basically 25um-38um. The use of PET silica gel protective film in the construction industry can reduce energy consumption to a certain extent, save energy consumption, and improve comfort and safety during use. Therefore, PET silicone protective film has a very broad development space in the construction industry.

In automotive applications, not only the relevant characteristics of the construction industry, but also a high degree of transparency, the transparency needs to reach 80% after use in the car. The PET silicone protective film for car safety can also be used on the glass of the jewelry store counter, museum glass, and as an explosion-proof film. The safety protective film is mainly composed of many layers of PET silica gel protective film, and the thickness specifications are large. Because of the wide range of use, there are also many production methods during production. In the development of window film, the demand for PET silicone protective film will continue to grow.

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