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Application of PET protective film in high barrier film and solar back sheet

by:Skypro     2021-04-09
1. High barrier film

In the packaging industry, PET protective film can be used in a wide range of fields, especially in the food industry. PET protective film occupies almost half of the market in the food industry. For some products with more demanding requirements The above requirements for its production are also very strict, so the ability to develop high-barrier films with oxygen has become an important direction for the development of PET protective films, and the frequently used production methods are multilayers, additives or improving the crystallization of the protective film. degree.

2. Solar backsheet

Because the PET protective film has good mechanical properties and good insulation properties, there are assembly materials on the back of the solar cell that are in direct contact with the external environment, and its thickness is 25 wire. In 2017, it became the main product of PET protective film photovoltaic backing material. Both the slicing and the protective film formulation will have a certain impact on the photovoltaic backplane material. Therefore, in response to the loss of photovoltaic price reduction requirements, the water vapor barrier performance of the PET protective film must also be ensured.

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