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Application of pet net pattern protective film in die cutting

by:Skypro     2021-04-18
In the die-cutting process, there are many factors that will affect the waste discharge. The pet mesh protective film, such as product shape, product structure, material performance, process, etc., will have a certain degree of impact on the die-cutting waste discharge. Therefore, our company lists the following waste discharge issues for your reference: 1. When die-cutting, we can add some anti-sticking agents during the die-cutting process to prevent the product from being produced during the production process. Anti-sticking phenomenon

2. If the customer of the die-cutting manufacturer is foam or camera, the cotton on the die-cutting needs to be torn off the waste film, which can prevent the cotton and pet reticulated protective film from sticking together. Waste Discharge

3. As a base film, the thickness and viscosity of the pet textured protective film will also affect the die-cutting products. It is best to use the PET textured protective film, which is harder and has good cutting and defoaming performance. Protective film, specially used in the process of discharging the bottom of the waste reticulated protective film if the bottom film is broken during the waste discharging process, you need to consider whether you should replace the thicker protective film, if it is thicker The protective film will be broken, you need to check whether the punching is too deep.

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