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Analysis of the reasons for the residual glue of the Pet protective film

by:Skypro     2021-04-09
According to 20 years of protective film development and production experience, there are two reasons for residual glue of PET protective film: human factors and internal factors of glue.

I. Human factors

There may be inexperienced protective film production newcomers wrongly operating the protective film, lack of professional knowledge, there is still a lot of professional knowledge in the protective film, according to each protective film Different types and usage scenarios will have different glue ratios and raw material configurations, such as [Anti-static PET protective film], high temperature resistant protective film is required in the process of high temperature; the film surface must be kept free of grease, banana water and other chemicals before applying the film. Residue, otherwise it is easy to cause a chemical reaction between the residue and the glue, causing degumming and so on.

Second, the internal factors of glue

According to the residual situation of pressure-sensitive adhesive on the protected surface and substrate, the phenomenon of residual glue of the protective film can be divided into the following three situations: 1. Cohesion Damage: There are pressure-sensitive adhesives on the protected surface and the substrate, and the adhesive surface of the protective film loses its luster; 2.The adhesive base damage: There is more rubber residue on the protected surface, and the substrate is visible on the rubberized surface of the PE protective film; , Migration residue: There is a small amount of pressure-sensitive adhesive residue on the protected surface, and the gloss of the PE protective film coating surface remains good.

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