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rubber variety





chemical structure Isoprene Rubber,Cis 1,4- Polyisoprene “Synthetic Natural Rubber” Styrene Butadiene Rubber Polybutadiene Rubber Poly-2-chlorobutadiene -1,3 chloroprene Rubber, Neoprene Butadiene Acrylnitrile Rubber,Nitrile Rubber
main characteristics high flexibility, good comprehensive physical mechanic performance better wear-resistant and anti-aging function than NR, lower prices same wear-resistant with NR and better flexible and lower temperature resistant than NR good climate resistant, ozone proof, hot resistance and chemical resistant good oil-resistant, wear-resistant and anti-aging
quality of NR proportion 0.93 0.94 0.93 1.23 0.96~1.02
meni adhesive

meni adhesive

ML 1+4 100 ℃

45 ~150 30~ 7 0 35~55 45~120 30~100
rubber physical performance hardness range


2 0~100 4 0~100 30~100 45~120 30~130
anti-tensity (MPa) 7~27 7~24 7~20 7~27 7~27
elongation rate  (%) 100~ 700 100~ 700 100~ 700 100~ 600 100~700
re-elasticity excellent + good excellent  + excellent good
tearing force excellent middle ~ good good good good
wear-resistant excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent
compress & distortion good good middle good good
temperature range(℃) -75~90 -60~100 -100~100 -50~120 -50~120
climate resistant middle middle middle excellent bad
ozone proof bad middle bad good ~ excellent middle
electric performance excellent middle good good bad  ~ middle
gas penetrating resistant middle middle middle good excellent
oil-resistant and acid& alkali resistant oil-resistant bad bad bad good excellent
fire-resistant bad bad bad middle good
alcohol excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent
MEK good good good good middle
water excellent good ~ excellent bad good excellent
high concentration inorganic acid middle bad bad middle middle
low concentration inorganic acid good good good excellent good
high concentration alkali good good good excellent good
low concentration alkali good good good excellent good
application tyre, rubber shoes, rubber pipe, adhesive tape, air spring tyre, rubber shoes, rubberized fabrics, sports products, mattress, accumulator shell, adhesive tape car & air plane tyre, rubber shoes, shock absorber rubber, adhesive tape, rubber pipe wire sleeve, conveying line shock absorber rubber, window & door wedge, rubber adhesives, rubberized fabrics oil seal, washer, oil-resistant rubber pipe, printing rubber roller, textile leather roller