conveyor belt for tobacco manufacturing

conveyor belt for tobacco manufacturing

The light conveyor (transfer) belt we produced for tobacco industry is odorless and nonpoisonous, oil-resistant, anti-corrosive, high tensile strength. The material is made of PVC,PU,PE,TPE and double sided canvas.  We can also produce customized parts such like guiding bar, preventing and skirting belt, wheel machine belt, turning machine belt, lifting machine belt. such products are specially designed for meeting special requests of tobacco manufacturing industry. To solve the pollution problem, we use odorless and nonhazardous PE polymer for processing conveyor ( transfer ) belt which features environmental friendly, non-toxic , easily washable, and tobacco contactable, high tensile strength, good flexibility, and become the best option for equipment of  tobacco industry.


Total thickness:1.0-5mm

Top coating thickness:0.5-2mm

Color: transparent, natural color


Tensile force for 1% elongation:6-16N/mm

Top hardness:75 Shore A

Minimum pulley diameter:10mm

Maximum production width: 3000mm


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