PVC conveyor belt for stone, ceramic, marble processing

We reserve series of conveyor belt specially for meeting the heavy weight conveying requests from the stone,ceramic and marble industry.  Variable surface textures available among the category which is widely applied in manufacturing artificial marble, artificial wood plate, synthetic resin plate, ceramic tile etc.

Our conveyor belt for stone features high anti-impact and good wear-resistance and are able to meet the requests for all lines of production of stone including conveying, polishing, burnishing etc.

Clients can choose suitable conveyor belt according to the mechanical rubbing down pressure, running speed ,processing agent etc., achieving stable running and concord effect between machine and belt.

Structure: 3 plies of fabrics +3 plies of polymers; 4 plies of fabrics + 4 plies of polymers,…


Tensile force for 1% elongation:50-70N/mm

Minimum pulley diameter:350mm

Maximum production width: 2200mm

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