Conveyor belt for wood processing

The light duty conveyor (transfer,transmission) belt we provide for wood processing industry can be widely used for artificial wood (high, middle density board, plywood, fiberboard, shaving board, composition board etc.),flooring production line as well as variety of mechanical equipments.

The different material, thickness and texture defines the adhesion, physical ,chemical and mechanical property. Meanwhile, the difference of textile material quality greatly decides the application range of the belt.

We use wear resistant surface coated belt to enable durable on surface, and use high strength textile fibers to reinforce the stability and strength of the belt.

Due to the specialty of belt structure, it come up with a lot of excellent property such like low stretch, dimensional stability, low noise and long durability.

Total thickness:5.5-9.5mm

Top coating thickness:2.0-3mm

Color: blue,green,aquamarine,black etc.

surface finish: plain flat (shiny or matt ) ,chevron,rough,diamond,rib,grid etc.


Tensile force for 1% elongation:45N/mm

Top hardness:75 Shore A

Minimum pulley diameter:250mm

Maximum production width: 2800mm

Suitable machine type: pre-pressing machine

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