The light conveyor belt for logistics

PVC conveyor belt

The light conveyor and transfer belt we produced is new type with high-strength, light weight, good elasticity, low stretch, long wearing, long conveying span, easy installment, no pollution etc. Now it is widely used in department store, warehouse, postal sorting system as well as luggage sorting system in airport. According to different conveying requests, we designed and produced series of conveyor and transfer belt suitable for logistic industry.

The main products include flat surface series, anti-slid series which diversified in a lot of textures for meeting different conveying conditions and environment, featuring anti-static, anti-corrosion, flame retardant etc.


Colors: white,black,green,blue,grey etc.

Tensile force for 1% elongation:8-15N/mm

Top hardness:60-80 Shore A

Minimum pulley diameter:40mm

Maximum production width: 3000mm

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