Products Category: Light Duty conveyor belt

Light duty conveyor belts are manufactured for all applications with various fabrics impregnation like polyester, nylon, cotton, solid woven, fiberglass etc. Belts are available in different colors like green, white, black, blue and thickness from 0.5 mm to 10 mm up to 3000 mm width and with top surface coating Rubber, PVC, PU,TPU,PE,TPEE,Silicone,etc.

Conveyor & transfer belt for auto tire industry

Our company designs and produces cut-resistant conveyor belt according to characters of parts and components conveying on the high-speed press line of auto tyre industry. Such type of conveyor belt uses specially treated polyester fiber woven fabric as bearing skeleton, one side or both sides coated with PVC or PU as conveying side or composed […]

conveyor belt for tobacco manufacturing
conveyor belt for tobacco manufacturing

The light conveyor (transfer) belt we produced for tobacco industry is odorless and nonpoisonous, oil-resistant, anti-corrosive, high tensile strength. The material is made of PVC,PU,PE,TPE and double sided canvas.  We can also produce customized parts such like guiding bar, preventing and skirting belt, wheel machine belt, turning machine belt, lifting machine belt. such products are […]

PVC conveyor belt for stone, ceramic, marble processing

We reserve series of conveyor belt specially for meeting the heavy weight conveying requests from the stone,ceramic and marble industry.  Variable surface textures available among the category which is widely applied in manufacturing artificial marble, artificial wood plate, synthetic resin plate, ceramic tile etc. Our conveyor belt for stone features high anti-impact and good wear-resistance […]

belt for treadmill
silicone conveyor belt for treadmill

The conveyor belt we produced for running machine (treadmill) have variance thickness and surface texture for option of our clients. Meanwhile, we guarantee the stable quality of our belt, keeping high precision, anti-static, low-noise and long durability. The belt provides stable and smooth running speed even under tightened condition, ensuring a nice enjoyment and sport […]

Conveyor belt for wood processing

The light duty conveyor (transfer,transmission) belt we provide for wood processing industry can be widely used for artificial wood (high, middle density board, plywood, fiberboard, shaving board, composition board etc.),flooring production line as well as variety of mechanical equipments. The different material, thickness and texture defines the adhesion, physical ,chemical and mechanical property. Meanwhile, the […]

PVC conveyor belt
The light conveyor belt for logistics

The light conveyor and transfer belt we produced is new type with high-strength, light weight, good elasticity, low stretch, long wearing, long conveying span, easy installment, no pollution etc. Now it is widely used in department store, warehouse, postal sorting system as well as luggage sorting system in airport. According to different conveying requests, we […]

PU food grade conveyor belt

  The food grade conveyor or transfer belt use premium quality polyester textiles as belt core. The belt polymer features good elasticity and form stability. We normally uses polyurethane (PU) , the environmental-friendly material to produce conveyor belt for food industry. The formulation is scientific and reasonable, in accordance to standard of food industry including […]